So Where Do You Go To Locate Rubber Tracks In The UK

January 12, 2013

The huge inventory of mini machines that use rubber tracks ( is larger than the inventory for tyres sizes in the UK yet there is not a supplier on every corner selling the required parts. So the reality is you need a specialist that can keep the cost down, but provide a quality product that will keep the machines moving through the deepest mud, sand or snow. A suggestion is Mini Max parts, who pretty much supply rubber tracks and all parts fro just about every mini digger or excavator ever made.

Keeping your machine moving is the key to your business, that is why delivery is key to any decision and cost has to be decided over the complete package rather than the initial charge. Also ensuring the right part is sent first time, together with advice on fitting. There are many parts made in China now and quality has to be chanllenged in some cases, so a part may fit but will it stsand the test of time. Mini Max Parts can give you that confidence.


Looking At Bucket Teeth

March 10, 2010

Not directly associated with rubber tracks are the spares that attach to the heavy machinery that can be powered by tracks or wheels. Today we talk about bucket teeth, which as the name suggest are the teeth that stick out of the bucket on a digger. Now of course there are differnt sizes of diggers and the samller ones may run on rubber tracks to cover ground not stable enough for wheels. However these are likely to be small bucket teeth, as machines like this are designed more for moving things than really heavy work. The larger machines however can have bucket teeth as big as a person standing upright, especially in huge quary, contruction or mining work.

Thoes who design this heavy machinery ensure that the bucket teeth can be changed as they wear down, so that the whole bucket structure does not need to be replaced. There are many suppliers who will supply and fit where needed, either on site or at base. Each digger will have a specific specification, so this means stockists have to supply sevral different types for different makes. However the possitive thing is that it is cheaper than repacing the whole bucket, so happy days.

Convert Your Vehicle To Rubber Tracks

February 10, 2010

OK you have a 4 wheeled vehicle but need to go across rough ground what do you do? Well you could buy another rubber racked vehicle that will spread the weight and allow you to travel to places you car will not. Or you can convert your existing vehicle to run on rubber tracks with an hour or so. Pretty much unknown in the UK, Americans in certain States have been doing this for years. carry a rubber tracks kit in gthe back of your pick up and gthen convert when you get to ground you just can’t drive over with normal wheels. Here is a video on how it is done.

Mclaren Rubber Tracks

February 10, 2010

Ok lets kick this blog off with a blatent advert for rubber tracks. This has nothing to with the blog owner or webmaster, we just decided that an advert for rubber tracks was the best way to understand how these products are made and what their benefits for. We are based in the UK market, so we will use videos and clips form around the world to show why many min vehicles are fitted with rubber tracks rather than wheels and how they help businesses over rough, wet or snowy ground.

Mclaren advert for rubber tacks

Hello world!

February 10, 2010

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